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Own your sales career

Now is the time to aggressively invest in yourself. Yes, some companies may do the right thing and furlough executive wages or lower salaries collectively to avoid layoffs, and when they do we'll rejoice in their "people first" approach.But many have already not, leading to layoffs, and others will follow suit. We should hope for the best, but hope is not a strategy.Nearly every educational or professional growth course right now is being offered at discount or outright free.If you're at a company insisting on continuing "business as usual" and the prospecting is dead, take some time to invest in yourself.AA-ISP has made their entire online courses free.SaaStr has their entire academy free.

Becc Holland has her Flip the Script series online for free.And on and on. Do not expect your company or boss to have your back in these times. Have your own back first.Invest in yourself. Maintain the relationships you've built with your customers. Use Bravado to gather client testimonials. Keep your priorities straight.Come out better no matter what happens in the coming months. You got this!!!

Belal, great post. Thanks for the heads up on the courses

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