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Owning who "you" are

When you are 5-6 years old, your life is pretty simple. You wake up, you have ideas, and passions, and you create a picture of the world. Then life happens. Your parents influence you, your friends, your teachers, then your boss at work, and so on.

When I attended the Rich Litvin "Intensive" last year, I learned that a lot of people (including myself) were living their life to do something for someone else. For me, I always wanted to outshine my Dad. He didn't go to most swim meets or soccer games, so I thought he must not love me (the things we tell ourselves when we're kids).

That incorrect "story" that I told myself for decades is part of my story. After being fired from my first sales job, I was devastated. But I got up, dusted off and became the #1 Rep at the next company (Airborne Express). And the rest is history.

So this "bad" thing drove me to become the person that I am today - a top 25 inside sales leader, a four time author, a regular speaker, and CEO of an AI for Sales company that is in the process of raising capital to own the AI for Sales market.

So, sit back, think about your "story" you've told yourself about your parents, your life, and how things "are". Then watch this video. When you can think about your life in college, then go back to age 5-6, you discover a lot.

I've since talked to my parents about all this, and realize that Dad was a Doctor so he was on call. He does love me, and I love him and my Mom. It's so freeing.

What's holding you back in your story that keeps you at the level you are at? Be YOU, YOU are amazing. YOU are God's greatest miracle. Truly a one-of-a kind. If all the snowflakes in the winter are unique, so are we as humans. Who are YOU? Now go and be YOU in this world!

God's peace,

Chad Burmeister | CEO |

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