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Pain and Possibilities.

Pain and Possibilities.

The core drivers of any change.

So much time and talk in sales is in PAIN.

Find the pain.

Poke the pain.

Magnify the pain.

Dollarize (new favorite word Rob Jeppsen) the pain.

But not really enough time is spent on the flip side of what the POSSIBILITIES are after the pain is removed.

The same formula needs to be applied.

Find the possibilities.

Amplify the possibilities.

Dollarize the possibilities.

Make then possibilities clear and realistic to THEM.

You have to give them clear examples and education on both sides.

If all you focus on is pain, it hurts.

With out showing the true possible future, all they know you for is pain.

That’s not what you want associated with you.

Pain and Possibilities.

Might name my next mixtape that.

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