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“Paul, a deal just slipped. Anything else you can pull into this Q?”

I remember these last minute requests as a rep.

Usually a month to go in the Q.

Felt special my VP asked me to make magic happen albeit he prob asked everyone.

It still felt good.

I had a buyer in mind🤔

All signs were leading to a Q4 win, but could I win it in Q3?

I knew I had to remove myself from the equation to have a chance.

That forced me to dig deeper into how I could help this buyer now.

What added value could I give and what compelling event would make them do this now 🆚 Q4.

I was pulling in other resources from my company to see how they could help.

Turned out that our PS team could save them a couple of milli by helping them

renegotiate their contracts by year end BUT they needed to start ASAP

Added Value ✅

Compelling Event ✅

Ring, Ring ☎️

“Ken, it’s Paul.”

“Hey, Paul! Was just about to call you. We’ll be going out to RFP for this managed service project.” 🤦🏻‍♂️

Instead I suggested he talk to Gartner about us and also confirm the bundled deal on the table was aggressive.

He did. And we avoided the RFP.

We got both deals done in Q3

He saved his company even more💰

In Q4 they had a spending freeze!

Don’t wait for end of Q

Make it happen now.



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