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People are most focused on 3 things in these uncertain times

In the last week, I've talked to a LOT of people. Business owners, sales professionals, and marketers. For some, business is booming. For most, it's cratering.

People are most focused on 3 things.

- How to stay healthy - physically and mentally - during these unprecedented times.

- How can they adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape - adjust their business model, deliver unique value to customers, change their routines to be effective from home

- How can they invest in what matters most to them - for business owners it's the values of their company and their team. For individuals, it's investing in their career and personal development.

It's clear that even though people are struggling and some times wracked with fear, they want to positively impact their customers, their colleagues, and their community.

And they want to find some silver lining in all of this.

The end message for me?

People are good. They're hard working and they care.

Yes, this might be testing their limits - all of them. But they are, WE are, pulling through as best we can.

We'll get through this.

Let me know if I can help. you in any way. I'm here. I'm tired and stretched thin. But I'm here and I want to help.

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