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Perfectionism is just procrastination in hiding.

I see this all the time in sales.

Wanting to do just a little more research.

Wanting to practice just a little more.

Wanting to ask for just a little more help.

Wanting to get the pitch JUST right.

Maybe I should read a book about this?

I have to get my leads all organized.

Have to get the PERFECT personalized email.

I need to tweak the proposal just a little bit more.

Oh wow look at the time, ok probably can't do it today.

But tomorrow.... TOMORROW - ooooh I'm gonna get after it.

I'm gonna take today to plan, so tomorrow, watch out the greatest day ever.

Then we don't.

I've been there. I still get there sometimes.

The ways we procrastinate in sales is really funny when you think about it.

We will do all these things to get READY to make that call or close that deal.

But then.

Not. Make. That. Call.

Here's what I want you do this week.

Write out the 3 things that if you do each day, will have the biggest impact on your goals

Then do it.

No matter what.

No matter how long it takes.

Do it.

Don't miss a single day.

I'll be watching...

Well not really, but you could pretend like I am. That sounds weird the longer I read it.

Just do it.

Credit: Sunny Lendarduzzi for the quote inspo!

I needed that today. Cheers, Kevin :) 

3 things, number 1 is probably the same for all people in sales? - Prospecting? May be I am biased as I am reading Fanatical prospecting at the moment! haha 

Kevin Dorsey  What is your take? What would be the 3 daily things that make the most difference to a salesperson? 
Generally it will fall into Activity (hitting the phones/email), Practice (mastering your craft) and Prep (plan your next day!)
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