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Personal Branding - An Alternative POV

Hey FTS community! We've talked a lot about Personal Branding in here... wanted to share my personal POV on this topic. Hope this is helpful, welcome your comments!


Can you build your personal brand around a topic you are NOT an expert in? 🤔

Yes. (Kinda)🤢

But it will be obvious, odious, and awful for everyone else. Please don’t pretend to be an expert in things you are not an expert in.

It might work temporarily, but then you’ll be known as “that guy”. So what to do instead?? 🤔

✅ Level yourself up and focus on truly becoming an expert in a topic.

✅ Actually focus on mastering it, rather than consuming surface level knowledge.

✅ Chronicle your journey along the way, which will be both authentic and helpful content to others hoping to learn how!

THEN you can actually post with authority on a topic.

So tired of all the bullshit I see on LNKD from folks who I know are bad at sales / sales leadership... spending all day posting instead of actually working.


Bra. Vo.  Thank you for sharing this Sahil. 
No problem man <3 PS - I miss you, let's do a FTS lunch soon! 
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