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Presenteeism... a telltale sign of "bro-culture"

It was about 5:40pm and I was ready to leave. My colleague was about done too, so I waited for him so we could walk out together.

We sat right near the elevator doors, so as we get up I start walking left towards them and he starts walking right away from them and we bump shoulders.

I give him this look like, 'What are you doing man?' He says he wants to use the other doors way on the other side of the office.

I'm like, 'Why go all the way over there?' He tells me that way we can pass in front of the CRO's office and he can see we're leaving past 5:30pm.

I couldn't help but smile and sort of laugh. He was right!!

See, we were in a very "#sales bro" environment and that fake presentation of working hard was just as important as actually working hard. I couldn't help admire how clever he was while also thinking how dumb the job was.

It's called, #presenteeism and it's a joke. You'll find it in places that tell you 'work hard, play hard' and 'hustle 24/7' or 'grind and give it your all.'

The truth is, that's not how high performing, world class teams operate. There's only two things that matter:

  • The scoreboard
  • Helping your team

The best sellers produce big and are there to support their teammates. When you see presenteeism, RUN! That's telltale sales bro culture.

I’ve never seen a sales culture that WASN’T like this, in +15 years. 
This was a great podcast Belal. There should definitely be a part 2. I'd love to hear more personal stories of reps with great sales cultures and it seems companies like leadium would have great visibility into that. 
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