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Pro Tip: Life WILL knock you on your a$$ occasionally. PLAN FOR IT.


Automate as much of your job as you can (ie emails to be sent whether you're in the office or not).

Build up credibility by doing your job as consistently as possible. It's easy to delay deadlines or meetings a day or two when it's your first time asking.

Rely on your team. Ask for help. Have a plan for if you need to take a day, week, several weeks off unexpectedly. Write it down and share it with someone.

Case in point? I'm sick. Nothing serious just nasty food poisoning and taking me longer than I'd like to recover.

It's stressful enough to be sick - recovery is easier if you can trust things won't fall apart.

In this new world - it's not just companies and economies that need to prepare for illness.

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Ashleigh Early
The Other Sales Coach at Ashleigh Early
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