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Prospecting Dominance

Have you ever wondered how Morgan Ingram actually prospects?

Have you ever wished you could get inside that head of his?

Well it finally happened.

Mentor gets to interview Mentee!

I grilled Morgan on everything when it comes to prospecting.

Making sure this guy ACTUALLY practices what he preaches.

He does and then some.

This is just SOME of what we dove into on his episode on Live Better. Sell Better.

Attention - How to grab it in a crazy noisy world.

Cold Calling - And why he makes LESS calls now then he did before

LI - How to do it right, social selling done in the real world.

Video Prospecting - The framework for video success.

His EXACT cadence he would use to come after someone like me.

Needless to say there is a reason this guy is running things when it comes to this prospecting game.

You HAVE to give our episode a listen.

if you give it a listen, be sure to come back and share what your biggest take away was.

Who knows, we might even follow up to hold you accountable to it.

Ah snap a podcast with accountability.


That's what we do.

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