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Question: Does facing rejection + failure in sales prepare you for entrepreneurship? 🧐

Because it teaches perseverance and scrappiness?

Conventional wisdom says yes. My dear friend (and successful entrepreneur) Max Altschuler argues yes. Heck, even I used to think yes.

But today... I definitely do NOT believe this.

What changed my mind?

💡 Realizing that: Our habits and character are formed well before we join the workforce💡

Want proof?


When I was 4 years old, my father lost both his kidneys. We went on govt aid and food stamps. Constant fear that dad was going to die. Surgery after surgery. Heart attacks. Liver failure. Pneumonia. 14 straight years.

I was constantly terrified. Embarrassed at being the poorest kid, by far, in my class. Being insulted for shitty clothes and missing class trips because we couldn't afford them. Scared my dad was gonna die. Every day felt like eternity.

But despite 29 surgeries in 29 years... he's still fucking alive and smiling. 💥

And I'm not scared of anything anymore.

Now, selling a mediocre product or sourcing my own leads... that shit is EASY.


See, I learned to deal with rejection and failure decades ago. It made me a persevering seller. And a scrappy entrepreneur.

That's why I think it doesn't matter.


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