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I need your help to settle a debate ❤️

Scenario: You are an Account Executive that is about to get laid off from your company.

Question: If you are to grab your contacts from Gmail, so you can keep the phone numbers / email addresses of the customers you've sold to, that would be considered:

A. Illegal, because it's company property.

B. Not illegal, but the wrong thing to do.

C. Totally fine, as you also own these relationships.

PS - If you could also explain why you chose your answer, that would be great!

Thank you! Enjoy your Saturday!


Sahil Mansuri
CEO at Bravado
Steven Schmidt
Vice President of Sales at Nexvoo
I would simply keep up with them via LinkedIn, or another channel that wasn’t tied to corporate email.  I would not take them off of gmail, however; I do oftentimes get their cell phone numbers during the selling process.  

I do respect the employee agreement, and have had two scenarios with non-competes that I’ve 100% honored.   I realize that thos...
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Robert Phares
Senior Account Executive - Identity Specialist at Akamai Technologies
For most companies and the agreements we sign as reps, the "letter of the law" answer is most likely A.

That said, there is a difference between the Data (i.e. Gmail Contacts) and the Relationships (the trust you build by being consistent over time).

Relationships are what encourages those contacts to purchase from you again at your next company. Thi...
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Paula Cottle
Technical Sales Rep at The Surtec System
I think it depends on if you are going to a competitor or not. 
Jesse Schmohl
Sales Operations Leader at Fisher Investments

At most, maybe write down a list of names on paper. But don’t digitally copy/paste data from company systems. 

Connect with clients via LinkedIn. Remind yourself to connect with important business contacts as soon as possible and avoid this risk. 
Bijay Mathew
Director of Sales at Chatfuel
Connect with your best clients via LinkedIn. This will enhance your current relationship and payoff in the future. 

Don’t raid your company CRM- this is bad sales karma. The business world is a small place and the sales world is even smaller. 

For your next move find a company that needs your skill set more than your contact list. 
Alex Berg
Director, Enterprise Accounts at Corporate VIsions
I'd say "A" is the technically correct answer; however, I submit that in times like these there is a fourth viable answer... "Illegal, but not necessarily wrong"
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