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Recession 'proofing' your sales career

Is your career 'recession-proof'?

The best way to prepare = focusing on "employment security" vs "job security."

Scott Leese nailed it recently:

"Job security is confidence in your company, your role, & your standing in it that gives you peace of mind that you'll be able to remain exactly where you are, indefinitely. That’s not as attractive to a lot of us growth addicts.

Employment security is confidence in yourself, your reputation, & your network that no matter what happens at your current job, you’ll easily find a new one of equal or greater value, no matter where you go."

Here's how:

1. Over-deliver in your current role. Develop standout results you can leverage when you need to. Set yourself apart from the rest as a 'must-have' person on the team vs 'asset'.

2. Build a personal brand. Use content as a way of illustrating your strength w/in your marketplace, employers will want people like you that are immersed in the industry & making an impact to help your buyers.

3. Take on a new & challenging project. Jump into something that will stretch you while learning something new. It makes you stronger + more valuable.

4. Cultivate a community of people that help you get better. Your network is powerful so build + maintain those relationships!




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