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Record-Breaking Productivity 'Hack'

I have been following the 2 Hour Solution for years now.

It allows me to get so much more done and stay slightly sane.

Let me break it down for you.

Every week you block 2 hours off to plan your next week.

Step 1 - Reconnect with your goals. Review them. Visualize them. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place.

Also review of last week was effective or not.

Step 2 - Review and schedule commitments. - what are the meeting you know you have or have to do. Review the agendas, make sure the meeting should happen at all.

Step 3 - Schedule excellence time. Things designed to strengthen you, your relationships and health.

Step 4 - Schedule your green time. Aka the activities that make you your money. Calls, follow ups, etc

Step 5 - Schedule red time. These are the things that support your green time. Things like research fall here.

Step 6 - Ensure you have flex time or white space for things that just pop up.

Step 7 - Schedule some FUN. Intentionally schedule things that bring you joy.

Before you say “2 hours?! I don’t have that kind of time”

Then that’s exactly WHY you need to take time to do this. You’re spread out too much and probably very scattered.

Take some time today to schedule your best week ever.

Tried and tested, Kevin. It works. Well articulated. 
Love this, have scheduled it into my calendar
Give it a go Gordon! See how it works for you. 
I totally agree with you Kevin.  Ensuring your "next week" is set up appropriately is a cornerstone of consistent success.
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