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Recording of Master Class #3 with John Barrows

Hi all! Here's the recording of Master Class #3 with John Barrows. 

John shared his personal stories and sage advice on building a personal brand and increasing business acumen during job search, interviews, and in the workplace. Hope you enjoy this webinar, and feel free to share your takeaways in the comments below!

Besides this webinar, John provides our community access to a variety of resources:
1. a library of sales knowledge and training
2. Check out the newly released Amazon best seller children's book called "I Want to Be in Sales When I Grow Up!" John wrote with his daughter:
3. John's also got a strong Instagram game. :) Connect with him @johnmbarrows!

As always, shoot us an email at if you have any questions.


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Nancy Zhu
Business Operations at Bravado
Kovid Panthy
Copywriter, Closer and a Mentor at Techsamaj Web Pvt. Ltd.
Thanks, Nancy For This Replay!
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