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rejection - pattys take

rejection is the #1 thing impacting mental health in sales. if we took it away, a lot of the suffering would be gone.

but we can't take it away.

in almost every other facet of life a 1% success rate is terrible. horrible.

in sales, depending on your role, this could put you at the top of the pile. you could be a god with that success rate.

culturally, we are raised to be recognized for accomplishing something.

  • if you win a baseball game you get a trophy
  • if you sling the most ice cream at your summer job you get employee of the month
  • If you get all A's you get to go to the best schools

In order to do those need to be succeeding CONSTANTLY.

now put that person on the phone with a list of names/numbers and see what happens.


It can be hard to feel that when you get hung up on. Faster we internalize this on an emotional level, the better off we are. Great post!
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