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Remote work: 2 tips to stay connected

Here are 2 things that we are doing internally at Bravado to stay connected during these crazy times:

1. Daily Zoom Standup - At 930am PST, our entire global team comes together to hang for 15-20 mins. But this isn't your normal "what did you do yesterday, what are you going to do today" micromanagement BS. Instead, we talk about Love Is Blind, Katherine's baseball memorabilia collection, or have a "who can do the best dance move with just their neck" contests. It's fun, it's light, it's meant to just keep us connected. Share recipes, share music... just enjoy with one another's company for a bit. Trust me, it's worth it... give it a shot with your team!

2. Slack Decorum / Rules - If you're used to being in an office, you can walk up to someone and say "Hey there! You didn't respond to my slack. *pouty face*" But when you're working remotely, ignoring a slack is the equivalent of having a coworker say something to your face, then turning around and walking away pretending you didn't hear them. Not cool. :/ So we established slack decorum / rules in order to create an environment where everyone felt heard and trust was not lost. Give it a shot!

Hope these help as our sales industry goes through these unique times!



Love the daily standup. I think thats key for everyone heading into their day, especially if the team isn’t used to working remotely. You can get some of the normal stuff out of the way and then just be human and talk with one another about the small things.

I don’t normally work remote - I have my girlfriend to talk to (also working remote) but tru...
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