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Remote work during the COVID-19?

Haven't heard that as I am working remote since 2018 and would like to share some tips with you:

1. First and important, internet connection and speed is a must. Do change your provider for a better one or make sure you use the right plan for your needs. I can't imagine a single Video call with turned off camera on my end.

2. Router. Sometimes it can cause issues as well, check if you have a powerful device (especially when other members of the family working from home as you).

3. Arrange your working place. A sweet and warm sofa doesn't count as you should have a feeling that there are places to rest and places to work.

4. Make sure you get rid of background noises or your neighbors don't do refurbishment ( I am not lucky with this, that's why I am using #krisp app to reduce the drilling sound behind the walls.

5. Before your day starts: open windows for the fresh air, do some exercises for an hour or so, go to the shower, change clothes, do not stay in pajamas. Yeah, it is comfier but feelings are different. It doesn't mean you should wear a tax but the nice sweatshirt is better than a shrunk T-shirt.

Keep calm, stay cool and drink a lot of water!

Anna Krapane
Business Development Manager at TaskDrive
Robert M. Gravely
Managing Director, Sales Architect at
great input Anna
Richard Houck
Enterprise Account Executive at Snapwire
emphasis on the water and hour or so of exercise.. lagging on these will drive you crazy
Nancy Zhu
Business Operations at Bravado
Thanks for the tips, Anna! I took a walking work call today (of course adhering to the 6 ft rule) and felt so energized after. Highly recommend!
Alex S
Product Designer at Bravado
Thanks for 4th one!
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