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Revenue targets and quotas go hand in hand

Jason M. Lemkin posted advice for companies to calmly re-forecast for the year. He also suggested potential quota retirement for #sales.

Allow me to take that a step further. Any company that wisely changes their revenue forecast for the year must also retire quota.

It would make no sense to say the company can't hit the planned goal because of the global pandemic, but our sales reps still can.

The two go hand in hand.

If the sales reps miss quota, the company misses revenue targets. If the company misses revenue targets, sales reps miss quota.

I just don't see how a company can move to a worse case scenario revenue projection based on global disruption and not grant relief to their sales team.

Am I missing something in this thought process?

Great post- I'm seeing missed annual sales targets with a few companies my friends work for and increased quotas....I get that folks are onboarded and should be better but with the territories remaining the same (at best) I don't see the logic especially with CV making an impact....unless you work at Zoom :)
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