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Right now, start with kindness.

Right now, start with kindness. Start with encouragement.

People are trying things for the first time.

They're creating new things, learning new skills, launching new projects.

Often because they have to. Often because they have no alternative.

They've lost jobs, revenue, clients, opportunity.

And they're getting creative to turn something out of nothing.

Even if your feedback is well-meaning and helpful, don't start with pointing out a flaw, a shortcoming, a weakness.

Start by lauding their boldness, then encourage them to keep going.

Only then, tell them how they can improve.

When people try new things, they often get a flood of very well-intentioned feedback...but when you're already vulnerable, already exposed with this new endeavor, often the only thing you hear is:

- Oh try it this way

- You should add this instead

- Pro tip: you need to do this next time

And when it all stacks up, it's deflating.

People are raw, vulnerable and exposed.

Celebrate their courage. Don't focus on their flaws.

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