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Robert M. Gravely commented on

Sales & Business Development Manager

Hi Everyone,

Carlos Herrera here, I am currently leading a team of inbound/outbound development reps. Very excited to be part of this group and learn from everyone! Would love to hear about some of the software and/or practices that folks have had success with when it comes to ramping up new team members.

Carlos Herrera, MBA
Sales & Business Development Manager at Sisense
Jonathan Abramson
Account Executive at Namely
Hey Carlos, welcome!  I'm a former SDR and just started as an AE at a new company, so happy to share my perspective on what worked/didn't work in terms of getting me up to speed, if helpful.  Shoot me a DM on here or Linkedin!
Robert M. Gravely
Managing Director, Sales Architect at
Hey Carlos - My company helps sales orgs, BDRs, SDRs, AEs execute 5x to 10x their normal sales activities per day. Salesforce reports that just 35% of a sales pros day is spent in selling activities. We help companies make that 2.5 hours really effective and productive. 
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