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Sales is notoriously a "feelings" industry.

People do what they "feel" is right, or what they believe in, almost regardless of data.

They'll say their script is better, without the data.

They'll say 'I have this great email' without the data.

They'll say 'here's how I handle that objection' without the data.

They'll say 'oh that doesn't work for me' without the data.

I'm all for feelings and instinct, but you still have to measure.

Once you have data you're also able to 'test' your gut.

You need to know what's working and what's not.

Because you also have to be willing to admit that something ISN'T working.

We stay latched on to things simply because they are comfortable.

Even when the data and results clearly shows us it's not working.

We'll push forward.

We can and need to be better than that.

If something isn't working, then something has to change.

Sounds simple, yet many don't approach it this way.

The best reps and leaders know their data.

The rest go off feelings.

Only one will scale and win in the long run.

Know. Your. Numbers.

In God we trust, all others must bring data. - Edwin Fischer

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