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Elite sellers must know Buyers vs Prospects (Sales Process Attached)

A single, master concept to be an elite seller:

Buyers vs Prospects

The difference?


See, the Buyer's Journey is universal:

🔹 Unaware

🔹 Aware

🔹 Interest

🔹 Consideration

🔹 Evaluation

🔹 Decision

The significant majority of your leads live in Unaware and Aware. They are prospects. They have not displayed any intention to buy, and therefore you should not be trying to pitch them anything.Just educate and engage them with insights, nothing more (aka be present).

Somewhere in there, a compelling event spurs the prospect to action like:

- a new regulation

- a global pandemic

- a change in management/staff

- a bad vendor experience/renewal

And so on. Now they move to Interest, and are willing to consider change. They start researching, info gathering, and reading peer reviews.Once their curiosity is peaked, they're in Consideration, and you've now got a buyer instead of a prospect!

You're livelihood as a seller comes from people in the Consideration through Decision stages. These are the people you should be actively selling to.

1️⃣ Embrace the Buyer's Journey

2️⃣ Apply the concept of buyer intent to determine their priority

3️⃣ Qualify by the willingness to change

That will redefine your sales process.

#Death2Fluff - Buyer's Journey Deal Stages.pdf
This is key to being relevant. Pitch when they are unaware and you lost their trust, you just sounded like another self-oriented salesperson.  Educate when they are aware of the problem and looking for options and you will miss an opportunity to differentiate. Messaging is key.

I would also say that in addition to the compelling events, a salesperso...
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