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Salespeople battle with depression, anxiety, and many more issues..

Salespeople battle with depression, anxiety, and many more issues that stem from surface level pains at work.

Here’s an example:

Salespeople don’t do all the activities they are asked to accomplish.

Boss doesn’t know what do to other than continue to push them.

Salespeople complain, or stay silent, and have a bad attitude about it.

Boss doesn’t care and just keeps pushing them anyway.

Salespeople let all that pent up stress and anxiety spill into their home life.

They amplify these small issues.

They complain to their significant other.

They start meeting their friends at the bar to vent.

The bartender eventually sees them as a regular and becomes a sounding board.

Suddenly you’re emotionally distant from your job.

Emotionally distant from your family.

Emotionally distant from yourself.

Emotionally distant from any kind of spiritual walk.

Darkness starts to seep in.

You become less enthused about your health and relationships.

Addiction and depression can become a reality.

There’s more influence around this other than a disconnected boss.

Let us not forget that sales is full of rejection and elements of failure that can have an extremely negative effect on people.

Sales can be lonely.

Reach out to me if this feels true to you.

Unemployed salespeople feel it 2 fold.

I can't imagine at this point, Greg. And if you know anyone please send them my way so we can support them..
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