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Real-world Advice for Tactical Empathy

Salespeople-- The tactical empathy needed right now is to NOT believe your product is the greatest thing on the planet.

We see this in the science behind product reviews. The best review rating to generate revenue is somewhere between 4.2 - 4.5 stars, not a perfect 5. Why???

Because trust is established with authentic review.

Where exactly in your cold email, phone script or demo are you showing your product or service is a 4.2 and not a perfect 5 stars?

Or are you over claiming savings of time and money and getting a "Yeah, sure... 🙄" reaction?

The way I've done it through my #sales career is always including a competitor landscape guide in my deck. It was fair, balanced, and weighted the pros and cons clearly.

I then delighted my prospects by showing them the slide without them having to ask. I would say:

"Would it be okay if I tell you about our competitors and the options you have?"

It was a major pattern interrupt because "sales" people don't normally do that.

You want to show empathy right now in this pandemic? Go beyond just asking "How are you holding up?" and do something substantial that shows your prospect you understand they need authenticity right now to make a buying decision.

Love the idea of including a competitor guide, Belal. We always here advice from leaders, but not many offer specific examples or tactical advice :)
Dude tell me about it, that's why I started posting! Thank goodness I'm graded on a curve with all the fluff :D
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