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What's the point of a cold call?

Salespeople-- What exactly are you trying to accomplish in the first 15 seconds of a cold call?

Contrary to popular belief, "deliver value" is NOT the answer. Real value doesn't follow the timeline of a Poptart in the microwave.

The first 15 seconds of a cold call should give you another 1-2 minutes with the prospect by:

- Being very clear your call is not expected- Mentioning as little as possible about your company- Showing your prospect you get them

So how exactly do you do that???

By asking a "peer question" that shows them you know their world intimately. A peer question is the kind of question two CXOs would ask each other when talking about their businesses. Examples:

If selling to wealth advisors:How do you clone the alpha of your best performing clients to get more referral business?

If selling to HR directors:The average increase of benefits costs in the state of CA is 10-12% YoY. What ways have you looked at to contain that cost?

If selling to marketers:Where will the dollars be best spent to replace event and tradeshow MQLs that are now lost?

These questions are so finely tuned and calibrated, that only someone extremely knowledgeable about their world would ask them. Break the pattern and show your expertise in the first 15 seconds of a cold call.

Guess what the top response is when you use the "peer question" technique in the first 15 seconds of a call?
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