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#SalesTip of the day - it's nearly impossible to be *too* organized.

Never forget the basics. #SalesTip of the day - it's nearly impossible to be *too* organized.

Make that To-Do list.

Calendarize milestones in projects.

Log EVERYTHING in the CRM and set reminders.

Block time for prep work and things you don't like doing.

Organization is the difference between delivery and crisis management. It's amazing how much calmer I feel during the day when I'm not constantly asking "Okay what next", I just look at the list and do it!

For me: I need a written "to-do" list daily, a calendar with milestones for events, and placeholders for busy work I avoid. I'm also a recent convert to Rocketbook for digitizing my notes. Oh - and a TON of sticky notes for all the little nitty-gritty that come up.

What do you do?

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