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#SecretToSales - The future of sales

Topher: Sales is changing, right, I mean, everything changes, but sales, in particular, is evolving. Where do you see sales going in the future?

Katherine: I think the future of sales is really going to double down on this personal branding and this trust that is so crucial for sellers to build with their clients.

One day, there won't be any more room for cold emails or cold calls because prospects are really going to lily pad with salespeople and the referrals that they already have. If you're a salesperson, it's not going to do you any good to reach out to a random prospect that you have no connection with because that prospect is going to respond with, "I only talk to people who have a Bravado profile. I only talk to people that have been referred to me." And so, as a seller, it's going to become increasingly important to build out your network, build good relationships with people.

With the way that email technology is evolving, it will become harder and harder for salespeople to reach prospects through cold email, right? We're already seeing it with the way that Gmail has changed its interface, more things are going to spam, more things are going to promotions instead of the Inbox tab.

And so, I think it's -- the future of sales is going to be salespeople, building relationships, leveraging those relationships and honestly, providing as much value as possible to those relationships. I think you're going to see salespeople become even stronger experts in their field because they also are going to see what's happening around them, right. And I think that the profession of sales is going to become more product-focused, more metrics-focused, more marketing-focused. Sellers are really going to have to become experts in all of these key areas that build an entire business.


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