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Selling something new is HARD.

I'm starting conversations for a new "product" and finding the right messaging and learning what to listen/watch for is giving me a reality check.

No one knows the answers if you're building from scratch - they have educated guesses, but they don't KNOW.

I know - I help other people do this every day. Now I'm doing it for myself and it's like learning to walk again.

I have to re-learn what to listen for in my prospect responses.

I have to re-learn how to do discovery and what priorities to tie my product to.

I have to re-learn how my new

I had two deals go sideways on me in the past three days. Each time I learned something new and grew - no ego, just growth. ProTip - write down what you learn and why you lost (even if only you see it).

Keep at it - especially if you're building from scratch. It does get better as long as you focus on LEARNING.

You are correct. Exciting though. Really helping clients and doing the research to find out exactly how. Great share.
15 days ago
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