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Selling While Black: What sales leaders need to know to build high performing & inclusive teams

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you.

The last two weeks have been incredibly difficult, but the support and well wishes from so many of you have made it much easier for me to start to get through this trauma.

One thing that was particularly hard for me is that our country is going through such turmoil and I wanted to play a more active role in supporting black communities during this time.

But I’ve needed to take a step back and focus on my own healing, so I am thrilled to be able to play a small role in amplifying some powerful voices in our community.

Next week The Other Side of Sales is hosting a webinar where black sales professionals will share what sales leaders need to know to build inclusive and high performing diverse teams.

Nikki Ivey will moderate and she will be joined by Blake Hudson, Galem Girmay, and Chantel George.

We are so grateful that these incredible sales pros are willing to share their insight and help our industry be more inclusive and more supportive of people of color.

If you are a sales leader wanting to improve or a colleague learning to be a better ally, Join us.


Also we are still accepting sponsors willing to donate to a nonprofit chosen by our panel. Get in touch with Ashleigh for more details.

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