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Senior Executive Sales Leader -IT Managed Services/Cloud/Cyber Security

Hello everyone- I am happy to be a part of the Bravado Community. I look forward to sharing my experience as a mentor to anyone that is either new to sales or even those that are experienced but just want to stay out front. I am located in the North NJ/NYC area.

I started my career out of High School as a Computer Operator at IBM and eventually being a Sr Vendor Manager- so I understand being on the other side of the table.

I have a lot of experience in building Sales teams, processes and goals as well as direct hunting both SMB and enterprise clients in the very competitive field of IT Solutions.

I have helped companies grow from $6 million of revenue to over $120 million in under 5 years. I have also joined established mid and enterprise sized organizations and helped them grow revenue and build better processes.

I am always open and transparent and look forward to being a mentor.

Awesome! I definitely am looking for a mentor who can help me grow.  I’m currently enrolled in a Technical  Sales Fellows program.  My previous experience is in IT Recruiting and I’m excited about transitioning into Sales.  
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