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Should "hitting the deck" walk the plank?

Hey Bravado community,

First time posting in here, and finally had a topic I felt would cultivate a conversation.

I have been a BDR for Nylas for over a year, currently supporting a team of 4 AEs. About three months ago, our organization's design team made these 14-slide pitch decks with new branding. The reps have taken to them like flies to honey, but I'm still on the fence...

I've felt that initial meetings using these decks feel less like real conversations. There is less rapport built, but on the plus side more information is given, which seems to be the trade-off.

I'm curious...

Has anyone struck a healthy balance between their pitch deck and a natural flowing conversation?

Any tips I can bring to my team?

Cooper Wright
Business Development Lead at Nylas
Sahil Mansuri
CEO at Bravado
This is a GREAT question Cooper Wright - and I am a HUGE fan of using decks in a very limited capacity:

1. Give background of the company (to build cred)
2. Share logos of other clients (to build cred)
3. Give high level overview of what a client is going to see in live demo (to set agenda / stage)

Here's what I NEVER use decks for:

1. Explain the produ...
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Casper Kraken
Client Manager at makeitmedia
Great question, i have a strong opposition against pitch decks in initial meetings, rather just plain conversation as it almost always ends up being about our company with the deck, than it is about their situation (as it should)  decks are great at visualizing a solution, when you have a good understanding of the problem. 
Mor Assouline
VP of Sales at | Go to Market Sales Operator | Brand Ambassador at
If you're going through a pitch deck with a prospect for a SaaS product then it can get boring because it lacks interaction (since you're doing most of the talking). I think pitch decks should be more complimentary.

Here's what I mean. Say you have a 30 minute demo scheduled, spend the first 5 minutes going through 1-3 slides giving some context abo...
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Becc Holland
Head of Sales Development at
I agree with the smart gentlemen above - If you have a pitch deck, your conversation becomes less about the prospect’s pain and understanding that pain and matching it to your product, and more about you as a company (NASCAR slide of customers, locations, features etc.). 
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