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Should your Manager/VP make cold calls?

This was asked in the SDReady Slack Channel.

Here's how I responded.--

There're plenty of leaders out there giving bad advice on how to do things.

I can't defend them. But it's not because they aren't calling.

Should leaders understand what their team are hearing and what prospects are saying?

Yes, they should! 100%!

There is always this 'prove it' attitude in sales which causes way more harm than good. Especially when first starting out.

The job of the leader is to lead, and bring a team together, and make the team better.

Phil Jackson was not a better basketball player than Jordan, but he was/is the best leader.

He got more out of MJ than anyone else could.

That's what leader do.

After making 10,000s calls, listening to 10,000s of calls, and coaching for 10,000s of hours, reading 10,000 pages.

I MIGHT have an idea of what needs to be done.


If you're keeping an ear to the ground, you don't necessarily have to make those calls to know what's broken/needs to be improved.

Great leaders keep learning/adapting, know how to make their reps better, hopefully, even better than themselves!


Funny enough, I helped this SDR craft a better value prop, without making a cold call for their company... weird


Kevin Dorsey 1000% Agree. Of course I have seen leaders come in and never take the time to listen to calls that have been recorded so they can provide better coaching. There is no excuse now with the technology we have not to set aside time to listen and understand what the buyers are saying. 
100% Agree - How can you train or even understand what's happening without putting in some phone time. But at the very minimum, call coaching should be part of ongoing training.
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