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"Skilled Self Starter with a Passion for Prospecting"

"Resilient Rockstar with Growth Mindset"

"Experienced Expert with Entrepreneurial Spirit"

Dear Out Of Work Salespeople,

It's time to live up to our resumes.

The phrases above are examples of how we talk about ourselves on paper, but do we mean it?

Are we adaptable go getters, undeterred by rejection and fueled by desire to win and solve important problems?

Or are those just words we thought would get us the job?

We have before us an opportunity to be who we've always said we were.

The skills you honed on the sales floor are the ones that will earn you your next role, but you can't wait to get that role before putting those skills to work.

Start now.

Prospect potential employers like you would future customers.

Apply the same entrepreneurial spirit that once crushed quota to the way you go after opportunities for your ideal role.

Pick yourself up and keep going the way you did after every cold call that hung up on you or every deal that fell through.

Do not be afraid.

Do not be timid.

Do not be humble.

Do not be left waiting for leads to inbound.

You're in the fight of your life

And if you are who you say you are

You will win.






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