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Something really sad just occurred to me - and I really hope I'm wrong.

I know a bunch of women (like 8-10 I can think of) who were/are brilliant SDRs but got "stuck" in SDR roles for at least 4 (if not more) years because they were denied promotions, or hired to be SDRs while they waited for timing to be right to give them a promotion.

I can't think of ANY men who have been in that situation - who have struggled for years to find a company willing to give them a chance as an SDR leader.

In fact I can only think of 4-5 women I know personally who like myself were given the chance to lead in their first two years in sales...all the other leaders I know had 3-8 years as an IC before making the leap...

What really is messing with my head - every one of the women I a mother actively raising amazing kids.

What do we think? Please tell me I'm wrong and this isn't a sexism thing...and if I'm right and it do we get these women their shot?

How do we overcome the bias of "well you haven't managed before"? How do we get these women the opportunity they've worked SO HARD for? Why do we insist managers "pay their dues" at every company before being given a shot?


Ashleigh Early
The Other Sales Coach at Ashleigh Early
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