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Sometimes adversity come into your life at the right time.

Sometimes adversity come into your life at the right time. And it sparks something bright and beautiful inside you.⁠

I'm going through that right now. ⁠

In February, I had a realization.

A big one. A really big, unshakeable, undeniable one. ⁠

The work I was doing didn't feed me. It drained me.

I came down with severe vertigo as the result of an asymptomatic viral ear infection. ⁠

Imagine having the worst drunk spins of your absolute life - except 24/7, for 2 weeks straight, while sober. ⁠

It was awful. ⁠But it woke me up. ⁠

I was burned out. I needed to make a change. To get back to the work that feeds my soul and my heart. ⁠

The work that feels like I'm making a difference in people's lives

Instead of the work that just helps some company make a little more money without having to do the work themselves. ⁠

And then this pandemic happened. ⁠

I've been investing in this pivot...

Focused on how I can help ambitious business professionals and entrepreneurs sharpen their direction, drive toward their goals, and build the networks and connections they need to reach that next level. ⁠

And it's working. ⁠

I feel more energized than ever. ⁠

Folks, I know things are hard and scary. ⁠

But you can do this.

Get centered.

Get focused.

And get to work. ⁠

Love this! Especially the word 'Energized'.
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