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“Sorry, Dale. We went with your competitor, they came in cheaper.”

“Sorry, Dale. We went with your competitor, they came in cheaper.”

Ever had the *I’ll cut your costs so low your head will spin* salesman put in a bid and beat you?

Quick story:

I️ courted a customer for quite some time.

They gave me a date they would be buying.

I️ followed my process, did my research, built rapport, then the day finally came.

We meet and I️ did my old Copier Warrior thang.

Slay their problems and present my solution.

Then we get to their budget and it goes south. They keep asking me to “put your lowest price on the proposal.”

I️ make the decision to keep the price I️ believe to be fair that gives them the desired service and support they are struggling to find.

They call me up the next day and tell me I've lost.

See quote above for how that went down...

I️ encourage them to stay in touch, send them a hand written note thanking them.

Put them in my Living Pipeline and keep in touch.

Fast forward a year:

*Ring* it's the customer, I ask how everything is going... it's not.

Things are terrible.

They need help!

I end up getting them into a solution that they paid more for, but we fix their problems.

Never take a loss personally! Never strive to be “cheap”, commit to excellence instead.

Unique perspective and on point!

20 days ago
Cheers, Greg!
20 days ago
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