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“Sorry, Paul. We decided to go with someone else.” 😲

I was a new hire. Less than 30 days in.

We were introduced late in the process by an exec we knew there.

This was supposed to be the fastest deal won in new rep history.

I tried to save it. No luck.

My VP tried to save it. No luck.

My CRO tried saving. No luck.

We all accepted defeat.

Then I made one last call the next day.

I called the exec that introduced us to the opp at his company.

He was in a different division, but I still wanted to update him and thank him anyway.

After hanging up with him I get a call from my VP about the loss 😤

Luckily I had another call coming in so I told my VP I’d call him right back.

It was the exec calling me back. The one I just thanked.

He said he spoke with someone and if we could do XYZ, we will earn their business.

We committed to do XYZ.

The next day I get a call from the actual buyer saying they changed their mind and we officially won.

All because of that one last call.

That was almost a decade ago, but it stuck with me.

Right before accepting defeat or calling an end to a shitty day...

there’s still that one last call waiting for you to make that can turn it all around.



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