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Start having these convos with your managers and teams.

A few weeks ago I role-played with my managers.

This is nothing new, we do that often, but the topic was.

Mental Health.

It's something that I think is incredibly important right now since we are also all remote.

Dealing with new stressors we haven't had before.

Things we covered - quick cliff notes.

What to look for.

-- Changes in behaviors, energy, results, activity, engagement, communication

When and how to start the conversation.

-- EARLY, before it reaches a breaking point.

Questions to ask.

--Ask about THEM, not about the lack of results. Are YOU ok?

Things to avoid saying.

-- Ok let's power through, you got this, rah-rah stuff.

-- Why did you/are you missing, etc

And a lot more.

It was 'easier' in the office, you could tell when someone was off (most of the time).

Now it's not so easy, so you have to be so much more aware and PAY ATTENTION.

It can be very easy to say things like 'I didn't know, it's harder remote, etc'

That isn't good enough of an excuse.

This has been hard on everyone, managers included, especially managers that truly care.

No one, including myself, is perfect at this game.

But we have to try.

Start reading on mental health.

Start having these convos with your managers and teams.

It's so important.

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