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Start sending out the ripples

I hear from my white friends and colleagues often that they don't think it's appropriate for them to contribute to the conversation right now.

They say they have nothing important to add and don't want to distract from the important work of amplifying the voices of Black Americans.

I understand this instinct, but I'm pretty sure it's motivated by fear.

I had a ridiculously amazing conversation with Tara Furiani yesterday and shared the quote that I can't stop thinking about.

RFK said this while speaking out against apartheid to a group of students in South Africa.

Your words of support right now are a tiny ripple of hope.

No, your words alone aren't going to change the world, but they can contribute to world changing events.

We talk a lot about getting 1% better every day and the compound effect.

What if your words, your support, your tiny ripple of hope, could add 1% of power to a movement that matters?

Stop sitting on the sidelines.

Start sending out the ripples. I promise you'll feel better, bolder, and stronger when you do.

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