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State of Sales Survey

If you don't understand the problem, how can you possibly try to solve it?

When Ashleigh Early and I started The Other Side of Sales, talking about the experiences of being an underrepresented sales professional, we did a lot of research to understand the space.

We particularly wanted to understand the levels of diversity in B2B sales and learn more about the experience of being a woman, person of color, member of the LBTQ+ community.

We wanted to learn because we've heard the personal stories of discrimination, harassment, and/or inappropriate behavior.

Turns out there's just not a lot out of data or info out there.

And we want to change that.

But we need your help.

With the support of our sponsors -- VanillaSoft, Sales Loft, and Bravado -- we have launched The State of Sales Survey. Link here:

All designed to better understand the prevalence, or lack!, of discrimination and harassment in sales.

That means we need EVERYONE to take it. Whether you've seen or experienced something or not.

Whether you're a rep or a leader.

We need to hear from you.

Take 5m to answer the survey. Share it with your colleagues.

And let's learn more about our industry so that together we can elevate B2B sales.

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