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Stop asking the same discovery questions...

Stop asking the same discovery questions that get the same answers 🤔

When almost everyone is giving you a similar answer...

Don’t ask those questions anymore.

Instead of asking those questions...

tell them what they’re going to say about their environment based on what you’ve

been hearing from others in a similar position.

This will give you more credibility with the buyer.

You’ll already be showing you know about their environment 💡

This approach now allows you to dig in deeper on your first set of discovery questions...

without the buyer feeling fatigued from answering a ton of questions you already knew the answers to.

Buyers will appreciate getting further along the convo having to answer fewer questions.

They’ll feel comfortable telling you more because you’re proving you’ve been

around the block a few times more than other reps who ask what keeps them up at night.✋🎤 #sales #toponepercenter #bebetter

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