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The what is easy. The how is hard.

Stop telling your team WHAT to do.

Stop telling your prospects WHAT you do.

The big shift that needs to happen in sales and leadership, is this.

The How.

You can't just tell your team - Close more deals!

How? How are they supposed to do that.

You can't just tell your prospects - We are going to double your pipeline.

How? How are you ACTUALLY going to do that?

Also I'm not just talking about surface-level how's like this.

Make more dials - Maybe that is how, but you need to another layer deeper. How are they supposed to make more dials?

Run Better Discovery - Ok, but again... how? How should they run better discovery?

What has been preventing them up until this point from doing it, what's going to change there?

Same with a prospect - It's not about how your product works.

It's about how it will fit into the prospect's world specifically, what changes in order for those results to occur.

You see, the how is actually about 'what will change' in order for the result to occur.

The what is easy.

The how is hard.

The how is how you make your money.

How now brown cow.

Couldn't agree more. I guess in the previous decade there a push to 'don't manage people, manage work' that came about probably with the good intentions of helping micro-managers stay out of the business that is not theirs. However, this has given rise to a generation of leaders who think its a great (and even helpful, morally right) thing to do to... See more
KD ... I think what's missing more than the HOW is the WHY ... the why you do what you do ... THAT's what people buy ... I might take the train to LA and you might fly but what might differentiate us is why I chose to take the train and why you chose to fly ... so let's not forget about the WHY ;) 
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