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Story time!

It was 5:30am and my Dad turned all the lights on in my room.

"I made you breakfast" was all he said.

It was the summer and I was spending the week with my Dad at the office.

I rolled out of bed and got dressed. Got in the car, then started our usual drive to work.

My Dad would always take the toll-free route when he left early enough to avoid traffic.

I will always remember the scenery.

You start in the downtown district of Orlando, pass through little Vietnam, work your way through the concrete jungle and end up in the literal woods.

As we passed over the St Johns River, the sun was rising. A beautiful sunrise at that. One of those you never forget.

We landed at a breakfast spot near the office.

A man walked in and gave my Dad a hug then introduced himself to me.

We enjoyed fellowship for a solid hour.

Then, suddenly, the conversation moved to a new copier for his office, brought up by our guest.

A few minutes later my Dad pulled paperwork out and signed a new deal as this friend of my Father's was not a customer, yet.

I got inquisitive in the car. My Dad told me he had met the man some time ago and had been building a relationship ever since without expectation of any type of reward.

This was how my Father taught me #sales

awesome and great person. A relationship without expectation.
That’s exactly it, John!
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