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Storytelling and Story Selling

Stories sell.

End of story.

See what I did there... anyway.

Stories are one of the fundamental pieces of human language!

It's how we communicated traditions.

It's how we communicated valued.

It's how we taught lessons.

In fact stories are one of the things that we never forget!

Facts and figures inform.

Stories entertain.

They stick with us longer and have more impact. They also tend to be more 'believable'

That's why I was so excited to interview Mike Ganino on the Live Better. Sell Better. podcast!

This man is a story genius.

In this episode, he covers SO much when it comes to storytelling.

-- Storytelling frame work

-- The science behind storytelling

-- Why stories make it EASIER to buy (I'd never heard this, it was gold!)

-- The core stories all sales reps should have

-- How to actually get good at telling stories.

If you are serious about selling, you need to be serious about story telling.

Stories sell. Sales people tell.

Be a seller, not a teller.

Give it a listen, you'll thank me later... I mean you probably won't actually, but you should!

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