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Summer Fridays

On March 4th, 2020 I made the grueling decision to temporarily shut down BravadoHQ and move fully remote. There were still 0 COVID cases in San Francisco, but the safety of our employees was the #1 priority. Surprisingly, I started getting flooded with questions and hatemail from fellow tech executives. Here are two direct quotes:


Hater 1: "Why are you doing this? You know this is going to ruin your team's productivity, right? We are definitely not going to be following suit, and I think you're setting a bad example for everyone else. Stop being such a libtard."

Hater 2: "No one can maintain culture without in person interaction. This coronavirus bullshit is gonna blow over and you'll end up regretting this dude."

75 days later, I am thrilled to announce that reports of our death were greatly exaggerated.

If anything, our team has been more productive with WFH than before.👏🏾


Last week, our VP of Operations Amy Young and I were meeting to discuss how WFH was going. She mentioned that she was concerned with employee burnout. It was far too easy to wake up, roll over, work all day, then go back to bed. I realized that she was right; I hadn't been outside of my apartment in 3 full days.

With all of the focus on how WFH was going to impact productivity and culture, we cannot forget to think about how the pandemic / economic uncertainty is affecting our people. So much of our lives are different now than they have been before:

Gone are the casual hangouts with friends. Group dinners after work. Music show on Saturday nights. Gym workouts with peers in the morning. Etc.

Life has become limited, but we as human beings cannot live healthy lives in this way. To be our best selves, we need inspiration. We need creativity. We need fun.

So we made another important decision today: 🏖Summer Fridays @ Bravado! 🏖


Starting June 1, every other Friday will be a full day off for the entire Bravado team. That means that the following dates are now paid holidays at Bravado:

June 12

June 26

July 3 (for the 4th)

July 10

July 24

I encouraged our team to use these days to pick up an old hobby or find a new one. Get some exercise and clear the mind. Talk to their family or friends. Get away for the weekend. Do something that will refresh them, something that they may not have ordinarily done.

In some small way, my hope is that this helps everyone be fully recharged for the important work we have ahead of us as we elevate the profession of sales.

I'm sharing this note because I know many of you are feeling burnt out. Stressed out. Mentally fatigued from the strain of the past 3 months. You are not alone.

Feel free to forward this to your boss / manager / CEO. Tell them that if they would like to hear firsthand from me why we decided to do this, and why I think it's so important to give your team time off this summer, that I'd be happy to chat. I'm here to advocate for you too. ❤️


Odds and Ends:

This is a new section for the most interesting stuff happening across the entire Bravado Community:

New Community for Mental Health in Sales: Yesterday, we launched a new community on Bravado powered by Patrick Downs and Jeff Riseley that helps sales professionals deal with the mental toll of sales. I am so proud of the work that these two fine humans are doing to support sellers in these crucial topic that deserves attention and focus. You can check it out here:

Digital Event: Zinner @ 530pm PST tonight: Featuring Morgan Ingram on the tunes and Chris von Huene on the roasting spit, we've got a casual, fun hangout for everyone in sales. Come join us tonight:

Digital Event: Top One Percenter Show @ 3pm PST tomorrow: Paul Salamanca runs the Top One Percenter community on Bravado. He does live deal reviews and shares cutting edge insights on sales. His next live show is tomorrow at 3pm PST / 6pm EST. You can learn more here:


Find your (socially distanced) beach this summer, my friends.



Does your company have Summer Fridays?
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Love this Sahil Mansuri - specifically: "my hope is that this helps everyone be fully recharged for the important work we have ahead of us as we elevate the profession of sales" + "You are not alone." + "I'm here to advocate for you too."

I'm so thankful that there are communities like this & humans like the Bravado Team doing the hard work of eleva...
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Definitely a great idea. It would be tough for many in my industry to do so given the fact that most of us in sales in logistics are full sales cycle reps.

So though I do have some larger enterprise accounts with a dedicated AM team, I have a # of smaller transactional accounts that I have to handle myself.

I'd love to see some data after you guys ha...
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