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Takeaways from the first Southbay Sales Leaders meetup (5 min read)

Southbay Sales Leaders hosted their first meetup last week: Women's Career Path

Speakers: Hilary Headlee, Head of Sales Ops + Enablement at  Zoom  &  Darlene Volas Director of Solutions Engineering at Twilio.

Our first meeting was an engaging panel of 2. They covered a variety of topics and answered questions from the group. To grow your career as a woman in sales, I’d sum up the advice in one statement: embrace discomfort

Here is why I chose these two words. Embrace in this context means to accept and support. I accept I am in the minority and I will give support to and seek support from others. Second, discomfort is a constant in this line of work. For me, it is when I feel uneasy, anxious, or embarrassed. This is to be HUMAN. We are all just people who seek acceptance and support. Every discomfort can be a catalyst for growth. And here are the points from our dynamic duo made that lead me to this takeaway. 

Career: how’d you get here?

Take a risk. Many of their career-defining moments were the product of happy accidents.

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Ask people to be your mentors and be specific in your ask. How can they exactly help you, now and in the future? And don’t just look at other women for mentorship, everyone can help you. Also, look for sponsors (may be different from a mentor) that will represent you and be your voice when you are not present.

Asking for a raise

Ask for it: face your fear. “If they say no, then you know.” – Hilary’s mom. Practice, make a 1 pager with your accomplishments, a brag slide. It’s always a good time to ask for a raise – don’t wait. Always negotiate in the beginning. It is way easier to get a raise when you switch roles or jobs. Much harder when you are on the inside. 

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Relationships with other women at work

Don’t be a Cerci Lannister. Work to build connections, even with those who make you uncomfortable. Look at it from their point of view and have empathy. They may be compensating and we’ve all had those moments too. Behave in a way that won’t trigger bad behavior more.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance does not exist. Work 45 hours a week, no more. It's not your best work and you are not really productive. There will always be more on the list than you can do.

Ruthlessly prioritize.

Our CEO, Andy Byrne, is also a huge fan of ruthlessly prioritizing and spending time on all aspects of your life to be your best self. I feel so blessed to have found my tribe, both in Clari and in this group. Remember to embrace discomfort and we will be here to lift each other up. You can join our group here:

Thanks to Molly for planning this and LeanData & Clari for hosting.

Diana Lustenader Cappello
Lead Sales Engineer at Clari
Liz Grier
Customer Success Manager at BrightPlan
What you shared here is fantastic, Diana Lustenader Cappello! What stood out most to be were two themes that continuously show up in my life (I should take a hint). 

1. No such thing as work-life balance. Something about hearing this from women who have done the dirty grind is empowering to hear. #45hours 

2. Ruthlessly prioritize. What is the one th...
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