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TBH I'm struggling to think of something to post that is (a) constructive and (b) connected to reality/reflecting the moment.

So here's some #salestruth - Sales is hard. Some days REALLY hard.

It's hard to speak truth to power and tell a buyer their assessment of you/your product is wrong.

It's hard to focus on cold calling when distractions (serious and mild) abound.

It's hard to strike the balance between reality and the desired future in your sales messaging so you're relevant but not tone deaf or capitalizing on the zeitgeist.

It's hard to set aside time for personal development and self-care when there is SO much work to do.

$hit. Is. HARD.

This is life. It's okay not to be AmPeD all the time. Take it one call, one email, one post at a time.

Don't give up. Keep pushing. Ask for help when you need it. Admit to yourself you can't do it all and that's GOOD. Be ready to laugh and look for good news.

As Rachel Mae says #IBelieveinYou

As John Barrows says #MakeitHappen

As my notepad says #YouGotThis

If you're having a great day - reach out to a fellow sales pro and say "Hi". You never know who may need a lift.

I always say, focus on what you can control, E.A.T. - Effort, Attitude and how you Treat people.  If you can put a smile on someone's face these days then you know you've had a good day. 

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