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Telling. Teaching. Coaching.

Telling. Teaching. Coaching.

Most managers get this wrong.

There is a big difference

Most managers spend their time 'telling' reps what to do.

'Hey, say this on the next call' -- that is telling, not coaching.

Teaching at least takes it once step further when you can start to give the why.

'Hey say this on the next call. It will help show the prospect that X is wrong with Y. Which will make them more open to Z question. Does that make sense?'

Now at least there is some reasoning and buy-in.


Coaching is when you actually have them do it with you/for you, give feedback, and repeat for multiple repetitions.

Begin Scene:

'Hey lets do this on your next call... here are the reasons why.

You're doing X, which is causing Y, which is taking you away from Z.

Ok let's practice this real quick. GO .

Ok good, try that again, but be sure to emphasize X. Nice!

Ok again. Ah slipped into the old habit, remember, that causes X. Let's try again.


Ok ok let's do it 4-5 more times. Feel good with it? Ready to execute it?

Great, stick a post-it up to remind yourself.

The next 4 calls it happens please share with me so we can dive in together.

We'll know it's working if X metric changes'

End Scene

THAT my friends is coaching.

Do it.

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