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The Average Man/Woman/Rep does not exist.

Therefore, when you create something for the average,

You're actually creating something for nobody.

We as a culture and also an industry have continued to build the "cult of the average"

What's the AVG close rate?

What's the AVG pipeline generated?

How fast can the AVG rep ramp?

What's the AVG sales cycle?

Then, we build to, coach to, and train to the Average.

All the while, we ignore the positive outliers.

Or, even worse, the positive outliers are just that, outliers.

So they can't be "scaled"

Which is true, you can't scale superstars...

BUT, you can learn what they do that makes them superstars, and then train people accordingly.

In June I have tasked my leaders to "scale greatness"

We are doing a full Napoleon Hill style research study on our own team.

Focusing on the GOOD!

Where are the positive outliers?

Who has the highest, best, fastest, lowest, etc X?

Then we'll study the behaviors, process and language they use.

We are going to break down and dissect greatness as granularly as we can.

Then, document and train to it.

Never settle for being or building around the average.

Average is boring

Average sucks.

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